The Real Work of Becoming Yourself

****COVID 19 Update: due to current health risks, I am accepting and working with new clients via ZOOM for Eco-Soulcentric Telehealth sessions. I am not offering walks until further notice. Thank you for your patience. Be well.

I feel honored to be considered by you and am inspired by your courage and vulnerability to reach out.  Ultimately, my task as an Eco-Soulcentric Psychotherapist is to accompany you as you rediscover your innate abilities to serve life from your unique place in the world. Your particular destiny. Why you are here.

The work of discovering wholeness and self-healing is not a quick fix or designed to help you gain more social acceptance or personal rewards. It is not designed to help you stop drinking or decrease intense feelings of outrage or grief about what is happening to our planet. It is not about helping you to get to the top of the heap or designed to make you feel better.

Rather, this type of ecocentric psychological exploration is about embracing your gifts and wounds and showing up in the world as authenticity as possible. To live from your heart. To be present to what is happening around you in life and the natural world. To feel deeply and to be resourced enough to stay grounded and able to access your wholeness and imagination. To help you mature and grow and become more fully human, contributing to positive personal, cultural, and planetary change.

“The almost impossible task of becoming oneself, fully alive in the world”
                                                    Michael Meade