I feel honored to be a part of this journey with you and am inspired by your courage. This is an important time for you and finding the right therapist is fundamental. My guess is that you are in some form of pain and needing tools and resources to get back into the stream of your life. Maybe you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Maybe you have tried therapy before and are feeling hopeless that things will ever change. Ultimately, my task as a nature-based psychotherapist, is to accompany you. Imagine meeting with a guide in nature, someone who listens deeply to you and someone you trust to share your story. The work of discovering wholeness and self-healing is not a quick fix. This type of psychological exploration is about embracing all the parts of you that are asking for attention. This is about becoming fully authentic and empowered. Contact me and let’s take a walk to determine if this type of experience is the right one for you.