What’s in the basement…

In a way this blog is for me. It is a way to help me articulate the many layers of thought that I grapple with every day in essay form. I am fascinated with psychology and especially the relationship between human psychology and the natural world. When I was in graduate school, each semester, I would write papers, they would be graded, and promptly filed in a tupperware container in my basement. Whatever poured out of me, my exploration of psychology, in particular depth psychology, remains sealed away from further thought or scrutiny. I miss the process of deeply thinking about a particular topic and, in some way, attempting to articulate my musings in writing. Recently, a good friend and I had a lengthy phone conversation mulling over what we have individually learned about ourselves on the journey. Nearing the end of the call he exclaimed, “We should have recorded this!” In a way, what I believe he was saying was, it’s time to open the tupperware container in the basement. I trust you will benefit in some way from this process. Thank you for your curiosity and continued support.

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2 Responses to What’s in the basement…

  1. Pieter says:

    Thank you for sharing your basement with me. I look forward to further peeks into the tupperware and other sundry storage containers. Much love. -Pieter


  2. Jane says:

    Please do, Mark! I would love to glimpse the layers of the world in which you’ve been trekking.


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